about us:

We have gathered all engineering and consulting services to provide a high quality and cost effective solution, so we can address all of our customers’ needs.

Technical Globe company

engineering & consulting, inc.

certified professional engineers 

“Technical Globe Company” is a full engineering and consulting company, providing services in sectors such as Retail, Hospital, Residential, Commercial, Educational and Industrial buildings. We use our expertise to devise practical and cost effective solutions to engineering challenges.

We focus on providing comprehensive engineering and consulting services, which is allowing us to respond to every aspect of the building designs. We satisfy our customers by designing systems and providing services that conform to high standards of quality, including performance and timely delivery. We achieve these aims through application of resources, continuous review and improvement of the organization. We are enthusiastic, creative, knowledgeable and will go the extra mile for our clients.

At “Technical Globe Company” we have always believed in the value of professional development and training, therefore we ensure to participate in seminars, meetings and trainings to keep our skills up to date in new technologies required by the building services industry.

We are completely independent of any product manufacturer; our solutions are based on your operational requirements and there is no other agenda influencing our design or advice.